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NeuLion Partners PokerGo to Distribute Poker-Dedicated Content

The online video technology company NeuLion signed an agreement with Poker Central to power the fresh-on-the-market digital video subscription service PokerGo, offering the poker fans a reliable live and on-demand poker content worldwide.

The NeuLion is a company focused on the digital broadcasting and distribution of live and on-demand content. By utilizing modern technologies, the content can be accessed by any Internet-enabled device. Under the agreement, NeuLion will broadcast more than 100 live days of poker every year. The poker fans will be able to watch big events such as Super High Roller Bowl and the World Series of Poker (WSOP), being witnesses of what is happening on the poker tables in real time.

PokerGo is a recently-launched digital video subscription service that provides its audience with detail-oriented information dedicated to poker. The service is developed by Poker Central and it serves the needs of the poker enthusiasts in over 150 countries.

Besides the live events, PokerGo offers many on-demand programmings around-the-clock. Joe Kakaty, President of PokerGO, explained that PokerGo needed a reliable platform to stream its content on the different modern devices, which have access to the Internet. Thus, NeuLion seems to be the perfect partner for that purpose, as it utilizes the latest OOT video technologies.

NeuLion is said to be technologically flexible, as users can reach its content via any Internet-supplied devices or connected devices such as Xbox One, PlayStation and much more. The users can watch every program, powered by NeuLion, without any disruption in the stream. The quality of the picture is crispy and it runs smoothly on a range of devices.

Unsurprisingly, NeuLion collaborates with many leading content owners around the globe such as NBA, Euroleague Basketball, NFL and others, who are all counting on the company for the seamless stream of their content.

Roy Reichbach, President and CEO of NeuLion expressed his excitement by the partnership between the two companies, explaining that it opens a good perspective for the company to reach even a bigger audience. The poker channel includes different shows regarding the lifestyle of the poker players, live tournaments and even comedy shows.

Powered by NeuLion’s Digital platform, PokerGo will be only a click away from the curious poker fans, who will be able to have a look even behind the scenes, regardless of day and time. The video streaming partnership is in the interest of the two companies. On the one hand, PokerGo will be able to provide its poker content via reliable digital platform and, on the other hand, NeuLion will increase the number of its audience.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.