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Massive Casino Mobilization Gains Upper Hand Over “Old School” Gaming Practices

The advent of technologies is a constant process, which comes up every minute with something new. These innovations most often push forward the development of different sectors, easing modern people’s busy life. The century of modernization seems to reach also the casino industry, which is constantly trying to keep its fingers on the pulse of the latest innovations.

Thus, the shining brick-and-mortar casinos started to witness gradual replacement by the “never-sleeping” online gaming websites, which are non-stop a click of the mouse away. Attracted by the idea to tailor their own “gaming environment”, many players started to explore the 21st-century miracle called “remote casino”.

It was reported that remote gaming and casinos take the first position among mobile activities for this year. Despite the fact that bookies are still alive in every city, the new generation of players seems to prefer the online gaming atmosphere. This, on the other hand, raises the question if the brick-and-mortar casinos will manage to “survive” and preserve the tradition, having in mind that many of them started to close their doors or, at least, cut their operational expenses.

Industry experts explain that there are many reasons for the players to enjoy the online medium better, than the classic land-based gaming facilities. Thus, the traditional tendency to wave a paper lottery ticket or to be in a crowd of shouting players seems to succumb in front of the modernization.

One of the reasons, which online casino players outline for their choice is the easy access to every website. This sounds quite reasonable, having in mind that the players need to click only one button on their desktop or screen and they are already in the casino. This saves them travel costs, traffic jams and time.

Many opponents will try to contest this statement by saying that the online casino cannot provide the brick-and-mortar casino’s atmosphere. Well, that is not completely true, having in mind that the advanced technologies allow playing even live games with absolutely plausible sounds and flesh and blood dealers, without leaving the comfort of their homes. Being mobile-friendly to almost every modern portable device and software, players can play even on the go without any network disruptions or delays.

Besides saving money and traffic troubles, it appears to be way safer for the players to play from home, instead of going to the land-based casino, since the players do not need to have money in cash to play. Online casinos offer flexible and safe paying methods. Thus, the players can easily cash out their winnings, regardless of time.

Back in the days, many people believed that this is an insecure payment method, being afraid of personal information leakage to third-parties or any financial abuses. This appeared to be a “busted” myth, proving just the opposite.

Furthermore, online casino operators seem to provide more enticing bonus schemes for the newly-registered users. This also gives a good momentum to the development of the online casino industry.

Talking about finances, online gambling is preferable for the amateur players and there is one simple reason behind that – it is easier for the players to check their generated winnings and losses. Hence, they can easily and more efficiently manage their bankrolls. This, on the other hand, prevents them from significant losses.

Last, but not least, the land-based casinos are most often related to crowds of people, expressing their emotions loudly. This may distract even the experienced players, let alone the amateur ones, which may also be a reason to witness a losing streak. On the other hand, there is no such chance when playing in an online casino, since the players can tailor their own gaming condition according to the personal preferences.

The digital boom is feasible in every sphere of life, taking the upper hand over the traditional ways. Thus, gambling also changed its direction and more land-based casino operators experience decline in their income. It even seems pointless for some of the regular players to waste time and efforts to go to the brick-and-mortar casino, while they can only tap an icon on their phone and play the game, which they want, without being stuck in a crowd of shouting people for hours. Of course, the “old school” gambling traditions have their charm, but the proliferation of the online gambling will, by all means, continue its expansion.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.