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GameCo Skill-Based Games Steam Ahead to Enter Macau Casinos

GameCo, the expert in developing the innovative skill-based casino games, target the enticing market in Macau, introducing its latest gaming offers as part of the company’s expansion strategy to take a piece of the pie and conquer the world’s biggest casino market.

In the past couple of months, skill-based casino games conquered the first position in popularity, causing a great buzz. The main idea behind the development of these games is to attract the attention of the regular players, who are in search of a new experience.

These are games, in which the skill is the decisive factor instead of the chance. Skill-based games revolutionize the established gambling pattern, removing the factor of chance, seeking to expand the traditional gaming opportunities. Thus, market analysts explain that these will “nail” the attention of both fresh and millennial players.

The initiator of the skill-based games is GameCo – a leading, forward-thinking company, which co-operates with many casino operators worldwide, who count on the company-developer to enrich the selection of their gaming catalogues. This is an important factor for the two parties, as GameCo is given the opportunity to expand its brand on the market and support its reputation, while the casino operators will be able to keep the interest of their customers and increase the flow of gaming income.

As a matter of fact, Macau is one of the most attractive markets. Having in mind that its casino industry is thriving for years. Furthermore, it is far away from Atlantic City, where casinos did not accept to incorporate the hybrid games after the trial period. GameCo’s initial plan was to introduce its innovation in Atlantic City and further incorporate it in all the other states, in which gambling is liberalized.

Despite the hostility of the American market, the developer did not give up and now it eyes Macau casino market. To be more accurate GameCo gaming machines feature the so-called hybrid games, as the factor of luck is still not completely excluded. That might be also an advantage, increasing the adrenaline and, at the same time, giving the players the opportunity to reduce the house edge because of the skill nature of the games.

Featuring a different nature, the games should be firstly authorized to enter Macau casinos by the local officials. But having in mind the attachment of the Chinese nation to the video games, GameCo invests many hopes that their skill-based games will be warmly welcomed in the Asian country and bring a sizeable financial advantage to the casinos.

In case the skill-based games achieve success on the Asian market, this will tell the American market a few home truths, reminding about the missed opportunity.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.