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Appetizing Japanese Market Sends Casino Operators To Line Up in Anticipation

The recently introduced changes in the Japanese legal framework invalidated the restrictions over the casino market, but it seems that it will take longer for the lawmakers to craft adequate rules, which will stall the process, keeping the impatient casino operators out the Japanese border in anticipation to enter the country.

The long-awaited latest legislations in Japan, which allowed the casino industry to enter the big Japanese market seemed to take a rapid pace so far. The lawmakers already set some of the rules, which will control the casino industry the country.

Unfortunately, the fast speed, with which the casino matters were racing to the potential coming of the casino resorts seems to slow down, or even slammed on the breaks. It was announced that construction work on casino resorts will be possible the earliest next year, but now this time may be extended as the process itself takes longer than expected.

In fact, this is a big change for the country, as the casino industry has always been outlawed. Thus, the legislators need to consider carefully their decision and even use the established pattern of the countries such as Macau, which are “old in the trade” as a role model. And as every innovation takes time till it is fully incorporated in the system, the casino industry is obviously not a deviation from the rule.

Before casino operators are allowed to enter the Japanese market, the bill should firstly be enacted as a law. Even though the proposal received a green light, the lawmakers need firstly to agree on the anti-gaming addiction preventive measures. The current legislative session seems to be on the wane, with only a couple of days left, but the lawmakers meet difficulties on agreeing how the gambling problem should be solved.

Gambling addiction is a painful topic for Japan, having in mind that it is the country with the highest rate of gambling addicted. Thus, the government takes is personally and places a lot of efforts to draft an adequate and functional plan.

To be precise, it should be mentioned that a certain form of gambling like pachinko or betting on particular sports events is allowed in Japan. But casino gambling, in its full meaning, is something new for the country. However, the eventual pass of the addiction bill is not the end of the long journey.

The next step in front of the legislators will be to decide where the casino resorts will be established and who will be the “lucky” ones, who will be allowed to establish a casino resort in the country. Currently, it is reported that many leading casino operators are willing to invest hundreds of thousands in the country.

The rise of the casino industry in the country of the rising sun, seems to open important questions in front of the legislators. This, on the other hand, may extend the process in time, which means that the casino operators will need to wait in front of the closed doors of the Japanese market.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.