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Gaming in Holland Conference & Expo to Outline Dutch Market Leading Trends

The Gaming in Holland Conference & Expo, which will take place from 13th to 14th June in Amsterdam, will outline the industry leading tendencies on the Dutch market, dwelling on different hot topics considering both land-based and online casino industry.

Reported to be the best-attended gaming conference in Holland, it will include important casino industry topics and a fee-free exhibition. The event will kick off on 13th June in Amsterdam, where people will be provided with the latest news and innovations on the Dutch gaming market.

The main topic of this year’s conference is “An Industry in Transformation”. In fact, the name of the conference is suitable for such a dynamic market as the Dutch one, having in mind the recently-introduced regulations.

The schedule of the conference consists of different events, which discuss topics such as managing, regulations and innovations. The focal point of the first day will be the recently-introduced online gaming regulations, which came into effect on 1st June. The new rules came out of the blue on the gaming scene and the conference will go through all the details of the bill, which targets the online gambling.

The spokesmen of the presentation will be the Ministry of Security and Justice and CEO of the Netherlands Gaming Authority, who will give first-hand information about the remote gambling bill. All the attendants will be given the voice to discuss the consequences of the bill. It is expected to be a second-to-none discussion, having in mind that the bill was approved, without any preliminary warnings or actions.

Further on the list appear different events, related to responsible gambling and sports integrity regulations, which was also a moot point for years.

What is more, the visitors of the event will be introduced the innovations on the Dutch market, discussing also payment methods and the Dutch land-based arcade market. A fee-free exhibition will outline also some advanced products and ideas. Leading exhibitors such as Aspire Global, Totally Gaming Academy, Novomatic Netherlands and others are said to participate in the exhibition.

Up to now, the organizers of the event reported that there are over 200 industry-involved people, who have already approved their presence. Thus, this year’s gaming conference is said to be one of the most attended in the Netherlands. And it could not be any other way, having in mind the surprising turn, which the gambling Dutch market took only a couple of days ago. Now, it seems that people are curious to know what else the Dutch gambling market have up its sleeve.

The list of speakers includes representatives and specialists from every field of the casino industry. The attendants will be able to meet the latest trends in the Dutch market and respond to the latest actions of the authorities, which enforced draconian legislations over the remote gambling.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.