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Kiron Interactive to Power Veikkaus Sports Virtual Platform

Veikkaus announced a partnership with Kiron Interactive, which is the leading provider of virtual sports, to enrich the selection of sports games offered by the Finnish betting agency.

The two companies signed a deal, which agrees on the co-operation between Kiron Interactive and Veikkaus. Kiron Interactive will supply the betting agency with new sports virtual products, which include also the ones from the winter session such as Hockey Shots and others. It was reported that the games will be available for both land-based and online sports betting catalogue, offered by the Finnish betting agency.

Veikkaus is a Finland-based betting agency, which holds a license, permitting the company to offer lotteries and sports betting. This is seen as an exclusive possibility, since it is not a secret that the gambling market in Finland is ruled by the effective government monopoly. In other words, the Veikkaus is also state-owned, in order to have the license to offer these betting options.

In fact, Veikkaus is under the control of the Ministry of Education, but the rules of the games are determined by the Finnish Ministry of International Affairs. The betting agency sponsors different organizations and campaigns with a part of the earnings.

Thus, the conjoint work between the two companies is seen as an opportunity to offer its products on the regulated Finnish market. Timo Kiiskinen, the Senior Vice President of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), commented that Veikkaus is always trying to explore new opportunities, so that Veikkaus appears to be the leader on the market.

Roughly speaking, Finland’s ICT sector is one of the most developed and thus, to keep their reputation on top, the country should be careful which companies are let trough its markets doors.

Besides being a compliment to the betting agency, Mr Kiiskinen’s words also express his position in terms of the company-provider and, namely Kiron Interactive. Kiron Interactive is trusted to introduce its products in front of the highly developed Finnish market.

Steven Spartinos, the CEO of Kiron Interactive explained that the company always managed to meet the expectations of its partners, and Veikkaus is not an exception. In a nutshell, the company is launched in 2001 and its aim is to be the main supplier of virtual games and systems.

So far, Kiron Interactive is reported to collaborate with many companies, which are relying on it to enrich their gaming assortment. The games, released by Kiron Interactive are said to run smoothly on all type of platforms, including mobile, the Internet, WAN/LAN networks and more.

The partnership between the two companies is definitely seen as a good move. On the one hand, the Finnish gaming industry will enrich the gaming options for its players by introducing new sports virtual games. On the other hand, the two companies will also benefit from this force uniting, since Kiron Interactive will have the opportunity to develop its products on the regulated Finnish market and Veikkaus will be able to establish its strong positions and attract new users.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.