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Christoph Vogelsang Gains Chip Lead Over Schindler to Conquer 2017 Super High Roller Bowl

The German poker player managed to gain the upper hand over the dominant American Jake Schindler and won the prize of $6,000,000 and the title from 2017 Super High Roller Bowl Event, which kicked off on 28th May in ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas.

Three players appeared to take a seat on the final day of the event, competing for the first prize and the title. Stefan Schillhabel entered the poker fight with the smallest stack of chips of all three players and he was the first to leave it. He managed to grab the third place and went back home with $2,400,000 prize.

The other two players, who entered the heads-up were the American player Jake Schindler and the German Christoph Vogelsang. The no-limit hold’em duel between the two players is described as spectacular, keeping the tension at its peak. Schindler appeared to be the chip lead over most of the time, outlining the perspective that he will grab the first prize. He was holding almost 2/3 from all the chips on the table.

Surprisingly enough, the things changed in the last minute, when Vogelsang managed to river a flush and thus, derailed Schindler from the first position, who was holding a top pair. Eventually, Vogelsang appeared to have 2/3 chip advantage over his opponent. Schindler managed to recover from the loss and melted Vogelsang stack of chips significantly.

Another bad hand came for Vogelsang, who decided to match the bet of his opponent. Vogelsang was holding ace-five, when Schindler raised the big blind and flopped a set of eight. This was followed by another bad flop for Vogelsang, which led the German player to get stuck in a bad river.

However, Vogelsang tried to get out of this situation with an all-in bet, holding [10s][7c]. The flop brought [10c][3h][2d] on the table, which gave the German a pair. Then, Schindler placed 100,000 in chips, while his opponent Vogelsang called the bet. The next turn brought [7h], which gave the American player a gutshot draw, hoping for making a flush.

On the other hand, Vogelsang appeared to hold two pairs, which encouraged the player to raise the bet to 1.5 million in chips. Schindler called the bet and the next turn brought [2c]. Thus, both players appeared to have a blank draw, but Schindler decided to bluff and shoved in all of his 6.2 million chips on the table. Vogelsang called the bet of his opponent and thus conquered the first place and the title with the two pairs, which he was holding.

Even though Vogelsang used all of his time extensions and he had only 30 seconds to take the final decision, it appeared that it was the right choice. The entire one-to-one game was filled with turns and twists, but at last the cards appeared to be well-disposed to the German player, who added $6,000,000 to his earnings. It was reported that this is Vogelsang’s biggest achievement in all of his career.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.