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Kaarel Lepik Conquers Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event’s Title

After a long heads-up battle against Sigurd Carlsson, Kaarel Lepik gained the upper hand over his opponent and thus, managed to grab the first position in the list of all players, who participated in the Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event.

The Estonian player, Kaarel Lepik appeared on the final table of the Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event after he was the only one out of his six-people group, who managed to qualify for a seat on the final table.

The final table was reached by 13 players in total, who managed to take a role in the Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event. The first to walk away from the table was Mateusz Krzyzewksi, who was eliminated only a couple of minutes after the event was kicked off. The next in the list, who needed to leave the competition was Thomas Ardai, who was eliminated by his opponent Carlssen with pocket queens over ace-king. This, on the other hand, brought to Carlssen a stack of chips and a leading position.

On the second day of the event, Tomasz Kozub appeared to be the second in chips on the poker table. However, the cards allotted the player to leave the table after some consecutive bad hands. The next on the list to walk away from the poker table was Jes Bondo, who was holding pocket queens against Lepik’s pocket aces.

Florian Lanz did his best to eliminate his opponent Soren Hansen, who left home as the ninth player on the final table. The next to go appeared to be Florian Lanz, who played all-in and lost with eight-tray against jack-eight.

As the only one female representative to qualify for the final table, Monica Vaka appeared to be the chip-lead in the beginning of the day. But the cards were not well-disposed to her and she was sent home as the seventh player to leave the final table. Martin Wendt followed her, being eliminated by Carlsson’s pocket tens over pocket nines. Fortunately to the players on the table, Carlsson continued with his successful tactics and he eliminated also Deivis Rinkevicius with ten-nine over king-queen.

The fourth position was taken by Mikael Johansson from Sweden, who walked off the table with a €25,003 monetary prize. The players, who entered the top three on the final table were Peter Harkes, Sigurd Carlsson and Kaarel Lepik. Many poker-fans are familiar with the Harkes’ career as being the 2011 Unibet Open Riga winner. In this competition, though, he tried to protect his image and take the chip lead, but his attempt turned out to be void, and he left with the third position and €33,774 in cash.

Kaarel Lepik and Sigurd Carlsson entered the final heads-up battle, in which Carlsson was the leader in most of the times. At last, after hours of play, Lepik managed to conquer the first position with a hand of king-nine over king-trey and brought back home €75,996 and the title.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.