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Online Casinos and Hackers in a Game of Outwitting

Online gambling has increased its popularity over the years by taking a rapid pace. The growing market is trying to meet the needs of the players by providing them with a convenient access to different casino games only a click of the mouse away. But it is also a matter of fact the online casinos (and not only) are fighting the cyber crimes for years.

Thus, it is essential for the casino operators to provide secure gaming environment, which will protect both the house and the players’ interest. Recently, the cyber attacks have become more popular than ever. The question is if the safety measures, taken by the online casinos are sufficient and efficient?

The main problem with the cyber attacks is that these are hard to be traced. What is more is that the hackers are aiming targets, which can “offer them a good payout”. That is the reason why in most of the cases online casinos appear to lead the list of the targets. This, on the other hand, makes it vital for the casinos to take safety measures to prevent any potential cyber attack threats.

The users of online casinos most probably are familiar with all the steps, which they need to undertake in order to register and have access to their profiles. All the identification codes are only part of the measures, which the online casinos invest in. Not to mention the servers and the different systems for protecting the users’ information, which are an integral part of every online casino.

One of the biggest obstacles, which all online casinos face is the constant advent of technologies. Having both positive and negative sides of this advent, it may be said that it cuts both ways. Of course, the innovations are a must for the development of the gaming sector, but in some cases, the new technologies are not perfect, which provides the hackers with holes, through which they worm up.

The hacker attacks may aim the personal information of the user (also known as data breaches) or to bring down the website of the casino. Being aware of all these facts, casino operators spend a mint of money on encryption technologies, which have military rank security.

What is also a great obstacle of the casinos is that they incorporate technologies, which are already released and discussed. Thus, the hackers are already familiar with the “innovations” and take the lead in the fight. Thus, casino operators should keep their eyes wide open for potential threats and any signs of such.

But the game of outsmarting is not over with the protection against hacker attacks. Many of the games, offered in the casinos are dependent, to a great extent, on pure chance. This is an important factor of the so-called fairness and integrity of the games. It is not only one case in which players are caught red-handed in an attempt to manipulate the games by use of different softwares and mathematical algorithms. That is why, casinos use random number generators to empower the game of chance such as roulette.

Back in the days, there were players, who were trying to manipulate some of the games by use of magnets. Nowadays, this is a dust-covered old hat, taking into account the thriving technologies, which are constantly improving. To protect from any hacks of the games, the online casinos uses servers to recognize suspicious betting activity.

No casino aims to lose money, especially because of poor safety measures. That is why, the casino operators are keeping their fingers on the pulse of the latest changes and ensure that they have taken appropriate safety measures.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.