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Cash Game Festival’s Next Stop is Gibraltar

Gibraltar is about to host the Cash Game Festival, which will take place from 17th to 21st May in Sunborn Casino, offering 120 hours of professional poker play.

Earlier this year, the festival was welcomed in England, Italy, Slovenia and Estonia. Now, the famous poker event is steaming ahead to Gibraltar, where it is expected to draw the attention of many people. The poker tournament will continue for five days, including many different events.

What is expected to outline this festival from the others is the lack of time clocks. This means that the players will be able to enjoy all the other activities, such as city tour, VIP dinner or party, in addition to playing poker. The players will be given the opportunity to decide how long they will stay at the poker table and when they will go in a break.

The festival will offer different tables, which feature different variations of poker. Of course, the most wide-spread types, which are no-limit hold’em and pot-limit Omaha, will definitely take a significant role in the event. All days of the event can be traced on Twitch Channel and the famous commentator Brandon Allen will cover them.

The players with the so-called hospitality package, can enjoy also many other recreational activities such as welcoming drinks, private tours, VIP parties and dinners and many others. To reserve a seat at the poker tables, players should visit the official website of the festival. It is expected a boom of players, who would like to participate in the event and the organizers of the festival stated that the poker tables are appropriate for both amateur and experienced players.

The festival itself is remembered for its eccentric past and unconventional nature. For example, there were even cases, in which the players could see only the cards of the opponent, because they needed to put them on their heads. Namely, these deviations of the norm seem to draw the attention of the players.

The festival is definitely part of the history of poker, but also a milestone for its future. Most of the players, who participated before in the festival, share that they see their opponents more like family. Furthermore, they point it out as the main reason to come back at the playground.

Another unique aspect of the festival is considered to be its prop bets, which always manage to rise up the level of excitement and interest. It is still not clear whether there will be any prop bets during the festival this year, but the organizers and the casino staff seem to cater for every player. The festival will take place in Sunborn Casino, which is said to have very luxurious and classy atmosphere. According to the staff in the resort, the excitement caused by the upcoming event is already feasible.

Cash Game Festival is the perfect event for all the people passionate about poker, parties and good food. The successful start of the game gave a green light for the festival to expand and now its next goal is Gibraltar.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.