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Opening Event of 888Live Poker Festival Barcelona Marks Rich-in-Players Grandiose Start

The Day 1a of the 888Live Poker Festival Barcelona €220 is over, but it will remain in poker history with an overflow of players and intricate game strategies.

The €220 Opening Event of the poker championship started with 80 players and 13 more, who had earned their entry by participating in €45+5 Turbo Satellite event. After the joining of the newcomers, it was even necessary for new tables to be opened. After level 11 was over, 194 entries were registered. The participation of more players promised that the tournament will break the guaranteed prize pool of €100,000.

Each level continued 30 minutes and after the end of level 14, the number of players was cut to only 34. The game was highlighted by interesting moves by the players, but Sergio Alonso Camunas was the player, who ended up with the enviable 455 000 chips, being followed by Jaime Victor Soler Puig with 389 000 chips and Giovanni Cauteruccio, who claimed 275 000 in chips. These players guaranteed themselves a good start of the Day 2 of the poker tournament with the significant stack of chips, which they have earned.

The first of the four starting days offered also a surprise that popular names in poker, including Ekaterina Kolmakova, Nicola Grieco, Robert Cazali, Josep Maria Galindo Lopez, Jeroen Aarts, Matteo Leoni, and Joachim Lob were knocked out of the game from its beginning. The reason was their humble stack of chips. Even though all of them played in a very reasonable way, the cards decided that they will not continue to compete for the title.

The first player, who was performing pretty well but stroke six digits was Jon Ignacio Chipongian. He was later joined by Spaniard and Cauteruccio. The cards allotted Alonso Camunas double ups, which dragged him out of the middle position, but only for a while. The game of the other players witnessed also a lot of turns and twins, till it became known which players will continue forward in the tournament.

The end of the €220 Opening Event of 888Live Poker Festival Barcelona let only 34 players continue forward. The tournament will continue on Sunday, when all the remaining players will meet once again at 1 p.m. local time. There are 11 more levels to go, before the end of the tournament. The guaranteed prize pool is €700,000 and the €2,200 High Roller and €2,200 Main Event are expected to provide even more intense pace of the game.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.