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Revolutionary iGnite Show to Present Latest Innovations in iGaming Industry

The popular iGaming Super Show gives an open tribune to developers to present their newest, cutting-edge technologies in front of the entire gaming industry in an open meeting, called iGnate.

iGnate is an innovative inclusion in the program of iGaming Super Show, which is expected to be very successful and useful to all the members of the iGaming sector. It is an open conference, which will provide all the developers with the opportunity to showcase their latest products and give them publicity. In that way, people will be able to meet with the ground-breaking technologies, which have the potential to change the gaming industry.

The conference is expected to be attended by affiliates, developers and operators from the entire gaming world. The operators will be able to communicate directly to the developers and share experience and expectations. The conjoint work is expected to contribute to the improvement of the gaming market, so that it meets the needs of the players.

According to Shona Odonnell, Event Director at iGaming Business, this is the perfect place, where the developers can present their new products in front of their potential customers. iGnate is supposed to bring benefits to both developers and operators. The first ones will be able to present their products and find customers, and the second ones will be able to enrich their selection of games and improve their services.

Furthermore, the two parties will be able to discuss what else can be incorporated in the gaming sector to improve its quality. The show will take place in July in Amsterdam, expected to be visited by people from around the world.

Being one of the main sponsors of iGnite, it is not a surprise that VsoftCo Ltd will take a significant part of the event. The company will present one absolute new approach on the gaming scene. Even though it is fresh on the market, its fast growth is a matter of fact. Simon Westbury, Sales Director at VsoftCo gave a small hint about the focal point of their presentation and that will be the new game, which combines features from both roulette and virtual football.

Simon Westbury, Sales Director at VsoftCo, expressed his gratitude to the organizers for the chance to participate in one of the biggest show in the gaming industry. This is the first time for the company, in which it will take such a leading role in an event of these dimensions.

The iGaming Super Show is one of the most long-anticipated events in the iGaming sector, which aims to bring together leaders in the gaming industry and provides them with the opportunity to share experience. The iGaming Super Show will be held in Amsterdam from 11th to 14th July at RAI, where visitors can attend a couple of events, related to the iGaming industry.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.