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Higher Gross Gaming Revenues for Lower Admissions in Illinois Casinos

The ten Illinois casinos registered inversely proportional figures – increase in the takings and decrease in the admissions for March.

According to the figures, reported by the Illinois Gaming Board, the casino industry in the area witnessed an average increase on the takings by 3.14%, despite the fact that the admissions were 2.2% lower. It was registered that the casino, which observed the highest growth in terms of revenues is Rivers Casino Des Plains. It reached 4.6% increase in the revenues, which expressed in figures means $38.93 million, while the amount of visitors were decreased to 272 083, which is 3.7% less than the number, registered in the previous report.

The next casino in the list is Harrah’s Joliet, which stands firmly in the second position, not only in terms of popularity, but also in terms of numbers. It follows the similar pattern of its predecessor, which means a decline in the number of admissions, but an increase in the amount of income. The numbers point out that the people, who visited the casino were decreased by 4.1%.

Further on the list pops up the name of Grand Victoria Casino Elgin, operated by MGM Resorts International. Their report represents not a different situation, taking into account the numbers. In March, the casino strikes an improvement of takings, estimated to be 5.7% higher, while the number of players declined by 6%.

Hollywood Casino Aurora comes at fourth place in the list, but it should be admitted that the casino witnessed the most substantial increase in terms of revenues. The numbers show that the income escalated by 18.5%, i.e. $12.38 million. Compared to the aforementioned casinos, this is the highest increase in terms of revenues to be recorded.

Unexpectedly, Hollywood Casino Joliet witnessed hardly 3.2% boom in terms of the amount of revenues, even though the number of visitors is even estimated to be increased by 0.8%. What else should be mentioned is that the casino is among the biggest in the area, which is the other surprising moment.

Following the same pattern is Harrah’s Metropolis. What is the striking aspect of the report, which the casino released, is the sharply descending number of the amount of visitors, which is calculated to be 16.5%. Nevertheless, there is also good news and that is the increase of the revenue of the casino by 3.5%.

Casino Queen is also not a deviation from the standard. Its report presents boost by 1.1% in terms of casino profits, while the amount of visitors recessed by 3.6%.

Despite the fact that most of the Illinois casinos scored a substantial advent, others were not that lucky. That is the case with Par-A-Dice Hotel And Casino, which run downhill not only in terms of admissions, but also in terms of revenues. The same trend is observed by the Argosy Casino Alton and Jumer’s Casino And Hotel.

The surprising figures, provided by the casino reports make it clear that the Illinois casino industry is affected by the decrease in admissions, but in a positive way. Most of the casinos observed a drop in terms of attendance, but a swollen amount of earnings.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.