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New Partners GamCrowd and Clarion Gaming Presents Their Own Tech Week

GamCrowd is going to present a tech week of its own as part of the Tech Week, hosted in the Hippodrome Casino in London. The company will introduce its cutting-edge achievements in the field of technologies and unveil its strategic co-operation with Clarion Gaming.

The tech week will take place from 12th to 16th June and its main aim is to shape the form of the constantly growing gaming sector. Many leaders in the trade will participate in the Tech Week to discuss the innovations in other sectors and how these can be incorporated in the gaming industry. Professionals from different technology sectors will attend the Tech Week with the main idea to share knowledge and experience.

The Tech Week will consist not only of a conference day, but also of AI meet-up, digital transformation chat, blockchain briefing and gamtech city tour. This is expected to have a strong impact on the gaming industry, reaching new limits in terms of technologies.

People, who are involved in that industry will be provided with the opportunity to enrich their spectre of knowledge. The conference will be attended by experts such as Will Mace from Unibet and other important people on the tech scene, who will be given a tribune to talk.

The GamCrowd Tech Week is going to shed light on some new ideas that will strongly influence the gaming industry. The partnership between GamCrowd and Clarion represents the growth of the two brands. This will strengthen the company’s leading positions, as this will give it wider public.

The foundations of the partnership between GamCrowd and Clarion can be traced as far back as 2014, when GamCrowd supported Clarion’s Start-Up LaunchPad and Start-Up Village at EiG and GiGSE. Moreover, GamCrowd appears to be the initiator of the Pitch ICE event. The Pitch ICE is a sequence of short pitches, which are chosen after the submission is already in effect.

According to Kate Chambers, the Managing Director of Clarion Gaming Division, the partnership between the two companies was absolutely predictable, taking into account the flawless three years, in which the two brands have worked hand-in-glove.

GamCrowd is recognized as a leading company, which releases one of the most innovative ideas in the gambling industry. It is often referred as the home of fresh ideas when it comes to iGaming technologies. Their creativity is popular all over the world and the partnership with the giant Clarion Gaing is going to enhance even more their performance.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.