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Iowa next in line after New Jersey to legalize online gambling

Iowa next in line after New Jersey to legalize online gambling

It is just a short while before New Jersey becomes the first state in the United States to regulate internet gambling within the state. The state Legislature approved a bill in January this year which allows the Atlantic City casinos to offer internet gambling to people present in the state. It is only the signature of the Governor that has kept the bill from already being passed, Gov. Christie is, however, expected to sign it in just a couple of days. This step from New Jersey which will open up another avenue for the gaming services of the state, increasing gambling revenues and bringing the state hundreds of millions of dollars, is now being seriously considered by a number of states in the country who wish to follow in its footsteps.

Jeff Danielson, a state Senator of Iowa, is all set to introduce a similar bill in the Senate of Iowa which authorizes the licensed casinos in the state to offer online gambling services to people physically present there. However, in order to be passed, the bill will first have to get through the voting process in the legislative assembly of the state on March 4. After this, it will have to be accepted by the two chambers of the state’s Legislation and thenw finally signed by the Governor Terry Branstad.

Just as is the case in New Jersey, these are the early stages of internet gambling in Iowa. The lobbyists for gambling in Des Moines have stated that Internet Poker will be considered carefully by the Legislature and also the returns that it will probably generate for the state in return. According to early estimates by the lobby groups in favor of the Iowa gaming bill suggest that the legalization of internet gambling can generate around $35 million for the state. These figures are even higher for the casinos in New Jersey. An internet trade group for gambling industry, the first year after the legalization of internet gambling can potentially generate $250 million for the government and almost $7.1 billion could come to the state from internet gambling in the long run.

 Author: Harrison Young

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