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Iowa bill seeks legalization of online poker

A controversial gambling bill that has been proposed to the Legislature of Iowa, if accepted, is sure to bring in very dramatic changes for the gambling industry in the state, most noticeable of which will be the legalization of online poker. According to a copy of the bill, it will settle the prolonged dispute between the Altoona racetrack and the horse breeders of the state over the division of purse money. Also, casinos will be let off the hook for referendum votes. Jeff Danielson, the state Senator, said that this is a profitable situation for all Iowans, those who gamble and those who don’t, with a mixed policy on gambling that has merit.

However, gambling is a fiercely contested issue in the state as the subject is very passionate for most. Other political issues are bound to get entangled in this debate which is expected to get quite contentious. Citizens of the state who are older than 21 years of age will be allowed to play poker on the internet using their PCs by the most avant-garde piece. The gamblers who are approved will have to deposit cash in special accounts and set up limits for the maximum cash and the time they will spend on betting. They will then have to log on to special websites and provide their passwords to be able to play poker virtually on an online table.

The federal laws deem internet gambling as illegal. It is also untaxed in the United States. However, the laws give the states the authority to legalize and regulate it within their ambit, as long as it remains inside the boundaries of the state. At the moment, there is no state which legalizes or regulates online gambling. However, the state of New Jersey has had a bill approved by its Senate and sitting on the Governor’s table for the same purpose. Similar bills are also being considered by an increasing number of states including Florida and California. The lobbyists for the gambling industry in Iowa which are making a push in the state’s Legislature have cited the rampant use of online poker websites which are based overseas.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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