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Casinos in Pensylvania pay the penalty for allowing minors

Casinos in Pensylvania pay the penalty for allowing minorsThe largest fine the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board have ever levied, $105,000, was imposed on the Rivers Casino for multiple instances of involvement of underage gamblers in the casino since last June. The Meadows Racetrack & Casino was also fined $30,000 by the board after it was found that the casino had been allowing children to gain access to their gambling floor. Both these casinos have had a history with such violations and they have also been reprimanded and fined before.

Richard McGarvey, a spokesman for the Gaming Control Board, stated that the current fine was larger than the earlier highest of $100,000 that had been imposed on Mount Airy Casino Resort on 3rd march last year. A spokesman for Rivers, Jack Horner, said in an email that they were taking the issue very gravely and that the issue had been reported to the Board by the casino itself. The instances when underage gamblers were found availing of the North Shore casino’s services include an incident on New Year’s Day when a child aged 15 who had accompanied his mother to the casino was found to have been using the slots machine in the casino for more than an hour. Another such event occurred when it was found out that an 18 year old had been issued a gambling card in February which she had used more than 3 times since. The official age for gambling in Pennsylvania is 21 years.

It was reported that the same woman had used slot machines for half an hour in the casino in September that year and she was apprehended when she left the casino and attempted to enter again.

 Author: Harrison Young

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