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The verdict on eloctronic gambling simulators delayed

The verdict on eloctronic gambling simulators delayed It has come out that the authorities in Palm Bay have postponed a discussion that was to be carried out for debating an ordinance which proposes that the simulated gambling devices in the city be prohibited. After the Allied Veterans of the World were denied a business permit for their internet café in Malabar due to some zoning related issues, a debate erupted which includes the examination of such gambling simulation devices. The business of these simulation machines includes providing the patrons of the gambling services with free sweepstakes entries on the purchase of access on the internet.

The machines, which resemble slot machines, which are being considered to be banned by the city, are basically terminals where these sweepstakes owners can go to check out if they have won a prize. This decision will be contested by the attorneys of the Allied Veterans after their meeting with the city officials on Wednesday.

The council members were to hear the reading of the ordinance some time ago, however, it was postponed by the city attorney named Jim Stokes after he requested for the hearing to be put off after giving his reasons for the same. The first reason given by Stokes was that an appeal would be heard by the council members and that all comments and opinions should be saved for that appeal. The second reason, he said, was that text amendments are being considered by the officials for planning and zoning which will also address businesses like these. John Mazziotti, the mayor of the city, showed his disapproval at the end of the meeting for the fact that the business was allowed to run without the presence of the required business permit.

 Author: Harrison Young

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