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Serial cheats doing the rounds in the strip casinos

Serial cheats doing the rounds in the strip casinosRed carpets are being rolled out by the casinos of the Las Vegas Strip for the incoming baccarat players who will flood the favourite gambling destination on the occasion of the Chinese New Year holiday which is one of the biggest events in the gambling calendar. However, the casinos of the city are also keeping an eye out for the notorious group of cheating gamblers who are suspected to have cheated the Strip casinos of around a million dollars in the last month itself. This was the reason why a certain bunch of baccarat players who were visiting the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas have been kept in detention by the agents of the Gaming Control Board.

The Cosmopolitan was one of the casinos which was scammed by the cheating group through a trick in which the player cutting the deck separates the rest of the cards of the deck by dragging his index finger over the rest of the pack. The gambler also has a miniature camera cleverly concealed in his sleeve which is used the record the images of the separated cards and the players use this information to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

Even after the cheaters were suspected of foul play, the casino found no evidence against them as the cameras were well hidden and had to release the accused. The whole scheme is believed to be an innovation by an Asian group of gambling cheats called the “Cutters” who are known to have used similar methods to steal tens of millions of dollars from casinos all over the world. According to a security consultant Bill Zender, the scheme which was invented and perfected in Asia is being tested in the casinos of the US.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.