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Divided opinion in Alabama makes it difficult to pick a jury

Divided opinion in Alabama makes it difficult to pick a juryThe issue about gambling policies has become such a core part of Alabama politics that most of the residents of the state have formed their own personal opinions about the efficiency of the government in having handled it during the past few years and there have also come out many voices who give out their views on how it should be taken care of in the future. This fact makes the process of finding an objective jury of the state’s residents for the imminent trial concerning the Alabama law makers, casino owners and lobbyists a bit difficult. The trial is about an alleged scheme of bribery concerning the issue of gambling that the said parties indulged in.

A motion was filed by the defence lawyers on Friday that petitioned them a right to question the potential jury about what their stance toward the issue of gambling was. The questions to be asked include interrogations asking the jury members whether they had ever gambled and if they had lost or won money in the process or what their thoughts were about the influence of lobbyists in a political system.

If it comes to the motion being granted by the judge, the to-be jury members could be assaulted with a plethora of questions about their views concerning politics and gambling. And by the time the questioning ends, it will become a very tough task for the defence and the prosecution to select the jury from the candidates. As the legal show off unfolds in the court rooms of Alabama, the lawmakers have said that they have placed the responsibility of deciding the legality of electronic bingo machines on the court’s discretion.

 Author: Harrison Young

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