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Online gambling to create a lot of employment opportunities

Online gamblingOne of the biggest issues in the 2011 State of the Union address to be made tonight by President Barack Obama will be the creation of employment opportunities. However, despite whatever words that might by spoken by him on the topic from his prepared speech, the fact remains that one big opportunity to tackle the issue that could potentially generate thousands of jobs for its citizens has already been blown by the lawmakers of the United States. The bills for regulation of online gambling were brought to the table in 2010 by both Senator Harry Reid and Representative Barney Frank. Even though both the bills were very different from each other, the acceptance of either of them would have led to the creation of thousands of jobs to take in the increasing number of unemployed Americans.

According to the Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz, the online gambling industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. He added that it only needs the lawmakers to get on the same line of agreement on the issue of online gambling regulation at a state and federal level to create millions of jobs inside the industry itself.

According to the plans of the bills that have been proposed, all the gaming companies in the U.S. would need to get licensed by the government. This legitimization of gaming companies will have far reaching consequences starting from the offices that foreign companies coming in to the country will set up and including all the services like computer technicians, customer service and other services required in the industry. Keeping all these factors in mind, the number of estimated job opportunities might not be much off the mark from reality. At the moment, the online gambling customers from U.S. have to transfer funds abroad to use their favourite gaming sites. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.