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Identity of Isildur1 Revealed

islidur1For more than a year the poker world has been left guessing about the true identity of the internet poker phenomenon that is Isildur 1. However the wait is now over and his true face has been unveiled as none other than the same person that he was firmly believed to be by most, the Swedish pro Victor Blom. His name has been announced by PokerStars as an addition to the Team PokerStars Pro.

The debate has long been raging about Isildur 1’s real name and there have been many speculations in which the name of Victor Blom came up as a firm favourite. It was finally confirmed at the 1st day of the main event of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure which is worth $10,000 and being held at the Paradise Island. Blom entered the arena flaunting a PokerStars patch to a tremendous applause and a multitude of flashing cameras which welcomed him to the event as he geared up for an exhibition match with his teammate Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier.

The live match started with both the players bringing in $10,000 each to the table, however the stakes quickly escalated to $20,000 for each and the match unfolded as a great curtain opener to both the event and Blom’s career as a Team PokerStars Pro as he, to the delight to his gathered fans, beat his team partner to start off his PokerStars career.

Later PokerStars Blog published an interview of Blom explaining his decision to join the team in which he acknowledged PokerStars as one of the best sites which offered the best range and variety of games for all kinds of stakes. He added that to improve, he needed to play against the best in the trade which was one of the reasons he joined them.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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