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Two Mega Winners at has produced two mega-winners in the last month as John O’Shea (“doesalrite”) and Breandan Reaney (“quickelec”) won a total of $124,950 on the online poker site.

In the same week Reaney picked up $80,000 for winning six consecutive $50 “Fort Knox” tournaments on

The Fort Knox promotion invites players to win six consecutive six-player $50+$9 Fort Knox sit ‘n’ go tournaments to win a minimum jackpot prize of $50,000.

The jackpot increases by $10,000 for every week it remains unclaimed. For a total outlay of just $354 dollars, Reaney claimed $80,000 as the jackpot had not been won for three weeks.

Paul Spillane, head of poker at Boylepoker, said, “These results show the quality of player on our site and we’re delighted for them. John O’Shea is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with both online and in live poker while Brendan Reaney achieved a remarkable feat winning six sit ‘n’ go tournaments in a row we’re very proud that both have chosen to play at” 

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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