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White Paper on the Development of Online Poker and Progressive Jackpots issues Castle Technologies Inc.

Castle Technologies Inc. proudly presented the release of ‘The Promise of Progressive’. The White Paper offers an interesting perception on web poker industry and progressive-style Texas Hold’em. It can only be ordered online through Company’s website.

The recently issued White Paper traces the history of web gambling from Antigua and Barbados where it originated, through its development and expansion on the web. Online poker has grown to a quite big global market, in spite of legislation issues. The White Paper also discusses the evolution of progressive jackpots, from casino gambling machines into state-run lotteries and how the development of Castle Technologies software will connect them to Texas Hold’em.

David Comeau, President and CEO of Castle Technologies Inc., has announced for the press that progressive jackpots are a unique feature of their online gaming software. Every player has the opportunity to win a part of this jackpot. From Castle Technologies believe that progressive jackpots will bring higher profits to the Company as this kind of entertainment will attract new players to the sites of their clients.

Castle Technologies is a software development and servicing company specialised in developing innovative Web based gaming solutions to global online gamblers. Their target group is the multi-player poker aficionado which is constantly growing worldwide. The Company will receive royalties for the usage and support on spot for their products and services, which will be licensed to offshore companies.

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 Author: Harrison Young

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